Trinity Rose, aka "Meg" earned her stripes during the 13 years she lived and worked in NYC as a stylist and consultant. She topped those stripes off with her 3 year stint as the co-founder + creative director for a now retired fashion app, before migrating west to Venice, CA.  

Trinity currently helps purpose-driven brands cut through the noise with visual storytelling, impactful messaging and inspired branding. With 10+ years of experience she has a highly trained eye, as well as a deep and meaningful approach to building brand stories. She also excels at creating strategies, and developing executable plans.

Startup Mindset: Launching and running her own startup, Trinity understands what it means to think smart and lean. She brings this savvy and strategic thinking to her clients to launch big ideas on limited budgets.

Aspirational Brand and Consumer Focused: As a stylist and image consultant, Trinity learned the psychology behind consumer habits. As a Creative Director she helps brands develop standout and aspirational voices. By combining both, Trinity develops brand stories that inspire customers and loyalists.

Trinity's love of being on set and behind the camera developed early on, along with her habit of hiding from cameras. She aspires to get over her camera shyness one day soon and let one of the very talented photographers she works with take a proper photo of her!  


Depending on the project size + brand, Trinity has a pool of talented and experienced individuals to bring along for the ride. These include photographers, videographers, producers, & digital marketing experts.